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AI Chip

matrixAI, VR, Alife

T Transhuman technology page
o From Humans to Cyborgs
Conway's game of Life by Alan Hensel - play online!
Artificial Life Online Alife

JASSS - The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation

AI Intelligence
[IMAGE] Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Robotics
[IMAGE]Emerson - On The Net: Internet Resources in Virtual Reality
[IMAGE]Hyper-weirdLightscape Technologies Home Page
Marvin Minsky Home page of Marvin Minsky
Karl SimsKarl Sims -- Virtual Creatures
[IMAGE]The Virtual Reality Society (VRS)
ARAugmented Reality
[IMAGE]Internet VR Sites
[IMAGE]Parallel and Distributed Intelligent Systems Laboratory
Self-Organizing Systems page
oEvolution and Philosophy
[IMAGE]Index of Complex Systems
oCMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
CYCCYC project
MCCMicroElectronics and Computing Consortium
oAugmented Reality page
AIVR corporationAIVR corporation - what creature would you like to live in your computer?
o A collection of interesting AI links

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